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Lyndsey O'Connell


CYT 200


This is always my favorite story but I like to say I was doing yoga before I knew what I was doing. I’m sure so many people have this experience, but many postures and asanas were being practiced by the time I was at grade school age, just because it felt RIGHT! I find that extremely interesting and amazing. I decided to learn more about yoga when I was pregnant with my second son. My body was craving stillness in a crazy world, for my sake and the baby’s. Stress had manifested into Health issues and by connecting and paying attention to breath/prana we are more aware of what our bodies need physically, emotionally and spiritually. Yoga came full force when I needed it most. It helped me get connected and gave me a new-found confidence in myself, on and off the mat. It now it helps keep me healthy, and helps make me the best mom and wife I can be. I learned you cannot pour from an empty cup so my passion is simply to share techniques and be a guide to help others find their own happiness, flexibility, strength and peace to feel completely filled up and able to give to others.  In the Spring of 2017 I decided to Take YTT through the Yoga Goddess Academy led by Crystal Gray, and graduated November 2018.

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